If you are a skincare buff, you’d know the latest wave of Pixi products in the skincare industry that is vegan and cruelty-free. All their products are used with infusing botanicals and other natural ingredients which improves the overall texture of the skin, leaving it radiant and glowing. The best part is the formulation is also quite affordable.

Even though all their products are effective, there are a few top bestselling products that are in the entire Pixi skin range:


Pixi Glow tonic

One cannot begin to brag about Pixi products without including their cult favorite Pixi Glow tonic which is a hit among beauty gurus and bloggers all over the world. This skin-perfecting toner is a perfect cleanser and creates a clean canvas for essences and face oils.

The key ingredient in this glow tonic is glycolic acid which is an alpha-hydroxy acid that is an active ingredient used to exfoliate and renew the topmost layer of the skin. It helps to clear the skin and increases collagen production and reduces hyper-pigmentation.


Rose Oil Blend

Skin essential oil is indeed an essential step in the entire skincare regime. If you wish to give your skin the extra hydration, the rose oil blend from Pixi is the perfect addition in your vanity.

The oil blend contains almond rosehip, jojoba, pomegranate, and even rose geranium oils in the mix. All of them work together to nourish the skin and enhances the elasticity to make it smooth and supple.

The oil is extremely light on the face and will not lead to clogging of pores at all. Just take a few drops of it and massage gently on the skin. Know more about the ingredients of Pixi skincare products on Cosmetics Arena.


Pixi Glow Mud Mask

Lastly, if you have acne-prone skin which leads to lots of breakouts and congestion, the Pixi glow mud mask can be a perfect solution for it. The product is known to be facial in a squeeze tube.

The formulation is specifically designed to remove the impurities and the excess oils because of the Chinese kaolin play along with the sea salt present. The mask deeply cleanses the skin and neutralizes the bacteria build-up. The aloe vera extracts present in it also energizes the complexion making the skin more balanced and smooth.

These were some of our top favorite Pixi products. Let us know your favorite and we’d love to learn about the same!




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