Priorities change, and energy companies come and go year in, year out. This makes identifying the best providers an ongoing process. Luckily, we’ve got your back.

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Customer satisfaction is a big thing to consider when deciding which energy company to go with. If you choose a company that has a good track record when it comes to customer satisfaction, you are more likely to enjoy a stress-free and all-round better experience when it comes to managing your energy supply. Whilst many people’s first concern when choosing their energy supplier is how much they are going to be paying for gas and electricity, customer satisfaction also ranks highly in people’s concerns.

Here we examine which companies get the most positive feedback from their customers. We will also look at the companies who are rated the lowest. The results are quite surprising, with many of the Big Six suppliers ranking very poorly for customer satisfaction. The best results for customer service have gone to some of the smaller energy suppliers.

The results are based on the Which? Energy Survey 2020. This is the biggest survey of its kind, rating 35 different companies with data gathered from over 8,000 UK energy customers. The survey looks at six different categories:

Bill accuracy
Bill clarity
Customer service
Complaints handling
Digital tools
Value for money
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Which companies scored the highest for overall customer satisfaction?
Which companies scored the lowest for overall customer satisfaction?
What does this all mean?
Which companies scored the highest for overall customer satisfaction?
Here we look at the best energy companies in 2020:

Octopus Energy
Octopus Energy topped the charts for a second year running. The supplier received five stars for half the categories (bill accuracy, customer service and complaints handling) and a respectable four stars for the others (bill clarity, digital tools, value for money). It received an overall customer score of 80%. The company was only launched in 2016 but has already attracted over 1.4 million customers, gaining an average of around 30,000 customers a month. It offers customers a wide range of tariffs, including an electricity deal using 100% renewable energy. Its deals are also some of the cheapest in the UK, and switching is made easy as none of their tariffs charge exit fees.

Ebico came in second place, scoring five stars for bill accuracy and four stars in each other category. It received an overall customer score of 79%. Ebico was founded over 20 years ago but remains a small, not-for-profit energy supplier. Any profits the company makes is put into projects that aim to affect people living in fuel poverty, and all its tariffs use 100% renewable electricity. Its most successful tariff on offer is Ebico Zero, which has no exit fees or standing charges, so you pay just for what you use.

Bulb Energy
Bulb Energy was rated as the joint-third best energy supplier in 2020, scoring five stars for both bill accuracy and complaints handling and four stars for each other category. It received an overall customer score of 78%. The supplier was founded in 2015 but has grown quickly to boast over a million customers. It offers just one tariff, and as well as being among the cheapest in the UK, it promises 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas. There are also no exit fees should you wish to switch supplier.

Pure Planet
Pure Planet came in joint third, scoring five stars for bill accuracy and four stars in other categories, receiving an overall customer score of 78% along with Bulb Energy. The firm was launched in 2017 and is digital-only – meaning no paper bills and no customer support over the phone. However, this hasn’t impacted its overall customer satisfaction ratings, and it also sells 100% electricity and carbon-neutral gas.

People’s Energy
In 5th place was People’s Energy, another small supplier selling 100% renewable electricity. In the survey it received five stars for its bill accuracy, four stars for bill clarity and value for money, and three stars for digital tools, receiving an overall customer score of 77%. The firm, based in East Lothian, promises to give its customers 75% of the profits it makes – either through bill reductions or credit on customers’ energy accounts.

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Compare your energy bills and save over £350* in five minutes!
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Which companies scored the lowest for overall customer satisfaction?
Here we look at the worst energy companies for 2020:

Together Energy
Together Energy was rated as the worst energy company out of a total of 35 suppliers in the 2020 survey. It was only one of two firms in the list that received just two stars for each category. No supplier was rated worse for any of the categories measured in the survey. It received an overall customer score of just 48% – the only supplier in the rankings that scored lower than 50%. The Scottish-based supplier was launched in 2016 and currently has around 60,000 customers, most of them north of the border.

Spark Energy
Spark Energy was rated as the second worst energy supplier for the second year in a row. It scored three stars for its complaints handling, but just two stars for every other category. It received an overall customer score of 51%. One of the biggest complaints was poor customer service over the phone, which often involved long waiting times – almost twice the average. Spark Energy ceased trading in November 2018 but was taken over by Ovo Energy, who carried on using the Spark brand name and their customer service staff.

Scottish Power
Scottish Power was also second worst. Like Spark Energy, it received an overall customer score of 51%. One of the Big Six energy suppliers, Scottish Power provides gas and electricity to over 5 million homes and businesses in the UK. The company had the highest number of complaints out of any of the major energy suppliers last year, although they also had the quickest response times of the Big Six. Scottish Power has recently sold its gas plants and closed its coal-fired power stations, now supplying the majority of its energy from renewable sources.

Ampower was rated as the fourth worst energy supplier in the UK in 2020. Although it received a respectable four stars for its complaints handling and three stars for value for money, it received just two stars in every other category, with an overall customer score of 53%. The firm was only established in 2016 and prides itself on offering affordable energy. With its small choice of tariffs, you can choose whether you want renewable electricity or not, while none of its contracts have exit fees.

Green Star Energy
Green Star Energy came 31st out of 35 suppliers. One of only two energy companies to be rated two stars for each category (along with bottom-rated Together Energy), it received an overall customer score of 55%. It was rated particularly badly for its complaints handling, with 37% of customers rating it poor or very poor, compared to the average of 13%. Formerly known as Pioneer Energy, Green Star Energy was formed in 2


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