A Great Month to Learn

The Children’s Health Month ( [http://www.childrenshealth.gov/index.html] ) website provides great ideas to help parents and teachers learn more about a variety of child health topics: childhood illness prevention, education and Maybe health child care, limiting environmental hazards, reducing risky behaviors, and safety.

For October, you’ll find a daily calendar of ideas to protect children, ranging from preventing mercury exposure at school to protecting children from secondhand smoke and mold. Other days will focus on the safe use of pesticides, how to prevent lead, radon and carbon monoxide poisoning, and how to help children breathe easier and reduce asthma attacks.

Walk and Bike to School Week

Children Health Month also includes International Walk and Bike to School Week October 3 – 7 ( http://www.walktoschool-usa.org/ ). Children walking and biking to school offers real benefits for both the children and the environment. The week enhances children’s health, cuts down on auto carbon monoxide around schools, and with parents involved, helps to create safer routes for walking and cycling.

Everyone Can Help

Children’s Health Month is a tool to impress on everyone – health care professionals, teachers and parents – the importance of protecting children’s health. Maybe we can absorb enough helpful ideas to last year round.

Because, let’s face it, children need our protection every day, every month.

Why not click on the Children’s Health Month Calendar ( [http://www.childrenshealth.gov/calendar.html] ) and learn how to protect a child today? Or better yet, print out the calendar and check it all month long. Maybe give copies to friends.

After all, children are 100 percent of our future.

You will also learn about the proper ways on how to keep your client safe at all times and perform correct procedures in case of emergency. You will also be taught how to transfer a patient from one place to another without the risk of injuring them. You will also be able to read vital signs and become aware of the patient’s condition as early as possible.


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