There’s a lot of family resemblance between the Nest Cams, but the Indoor and Outdoor Nest IQs win overall—that is, if you’re willing to spend the money.

Both the Indoor and Outdoor Nest IQ cams are expensive, but they come with features like these:

  • Facial recognition
  • Person Alerts
  • Cloud storage

The standard Nest cams still get love too. Both the Nest Indoor and Nest Outdoor deliver a smooth livestream and clear audio and video. But you need a Nest Aware subscription to get these extra bells and whistles.

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Nest now requires two-factor authentication

In order to combat hackers, Nest is now using two-factor authentication (also called 2FA). It’s a security measure you’ve probably already used for online services.

Rather than signing into your Nest account with a single password and username, 2FA sends a verification code to your email or phone that you later plug into the login page. If an unverified user tries to get in, you’ll know quickly.

While you’ll need to go through the 2FA process each time you log into your Nest account, this additional security measure is worth it.

Nest family similarities and differences

All four Nest cameras are beautifully designed and deliver quality live video streaming to the mobile app.

Nest Family of cameras

The whole family of Nest cameras reunited. From left to right:

  • Nest Indoor
  • Nest Outdoor
  • Nest Outdoor IQ
  • Nest Indoor IQ


Each Nest camera has 1080p resolution, two-way communication, and a wide 130-degree field of view.

The whole Nest family uses the Nest App, and cameras will send motion alerts when they see large moving objects and people, livestream to the mobile app, and work out of the box in minutes.



What’s the main difference between IQs and standard Nest cams? Extra features and smoother operation.

For example, the indoor and outdoor Nest IQ cameras have stronger zooming abilities and Nest Aware features—but the standard cameras need a monthly subscription for the smart features.

Nest Cam indoor

The standard Nest Indoor camera costs less and has most of the same features as its sibling.

Its 1080p picture and clear two-way communication produce a smooth livestream directly to the mobile app. These features land it among the best security cameras for your front room or nanny cams for the nursery.

It’s also small enough to fit on most shelves, tables, nooks, and crannies, making it easy to hide from anyone who might tamper with it. The only downside is it only works when it’s plugged in, so you’ll have to place it near an outlet. But it comes with a wall mount to make setup a little easier.

Nest Cam IQ indoor

The Nest IQ indoor camera also live streams to the mobile app in 1080p, but it’s also got more advanced features like a built-in Google Assistant.

Imagine the Nest IQ as the eyes of your smart home. Just like a standard Google Assistant, it can add items to a shopping list, answer questions, and send footage to your TV.

The Nest IQ captures snapshots of events within a 3-hour window, so you won’t miss anything if you can’t check your phone immediately. It also has daytime HDR, a 4K sensor, and 940 nm infrared night vision, so the clips are clear in normal and low lighting.

Armed with three microphones and an advanced speaker, the IQ’s audio quality is better than the Nest Indoor too. The noise and echo suppression muffles white noise interference to deliver a clearer sound. So you won’t have to worry about noisy appliances or a busy street interfering with the au


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