Use Your New Vocabulary A.S.A.P.

Another thing you want to do is make sure that you are using your new vocabulary as much as possible. Look for opportunities to English to Arabic use that new word. If you are learning about tools, then go to the hardware store and ask the salesman questions about them. Ask him how much that new hammer costs…or how much time that new chainsaw will save you.

Just Relax And Have Fun

Don’t worry about learning 59,641 words faster than your buddy Joe so that you can impress Mary…unless you are making a game out of it and having fun. Learning to speak fluent English is not an end in itself. What you really want are the benefits learning English will bring you. And besides, when you are having fun…your mind is much more relaxed and open to learning.

A relaxed mind is an open mind. And an open mind is prepared to accept and assimilate new vocabulary words so that you can express yourself more fluently and proficiently.

Every single day, I have to remind myself to relax and just enjoy the journey no matter what — and I am the language consultant. I know that if I don’t remind myself to relax and enjoy what I do to educate business executives, freelancers, and professionals just like you, I would be able to create effective language learning material on a daily basis.

I learn new vocabulary words every day. I learn new words in the language of the students I help. I learn new words in my mother-tongue to teach others how to talk about their occupations. I teach new vocabulary words every day. I write new mini-stories to teach those vocabulary words every day.

And guess what?

I rarely ever forget those words, and you won’t either if you relax your mind, enjoy the learning process and follow the strategies I described in this article.


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