Available in Singapore, Thermage is the primary radiofrequency (RF) unit that treats periorbital, facial and entire body wrinkles, and gives temporary enhancement in the looks of cellulite. As compared with bipolar RF, Thermage FLX’s monopolarity gives further penetration into your skin to heat dermal tissue right down to the subcutaneous Fats and tissue. As ageing takes place, the collagen in your body that retains the skin company breaks down, which causes the formation of wrinkles and wonderful lines. Without having chopping or needles, the non-surgical Thermage method focuses warmth to certain regions of the pores and skin to kickstart the human body’s all-natural collagen renewal process for young hunting skin. When warmth is used while in the pores and skin’s deeper layers, present collagen is remodeled although encouraging new collagen production, which ends up in an enhancement in the looks of loose or sagging skin. Thermage cure commences with the placement of a grid, which guides the appliance on the handpiece to a certain spot to the skin. It’s got a specially-intended idea that is certainly positioned towards the skin in specific remedy spots. Radiofrequency Power penetrates deeply in the skin’s tissue, and heats the treatment method regions to remodel the pores and skin’s present collagen and stimulate production of new collagen for a more youthful, younger-searching pores and skin All round.

Just about every pulse with the machine delivers customised radiofrequency to each inch on the treatment spot, accompanied by a double cryogen cooling influence. Laser therapies and also other treatments involving radiofrequency will be able to tighten the skin and smoothen the skin’s surface area, even so, no other treatment method can deliver heat as deeply as Thermage FLX. A bigger therapy suggestion also generates far more warmth and Power which permits speedier therapy and larger client Thermage Singapore comfort and ease. Thermage FLX may be the 4th era treatment that helps tightens skin to lower the looks of great strains and wrinkles although non-invasive methods. It works by utilizing patented Mono-polar Capacitive Radiofrequency engineering to make a uniform heating effect during the deep, collagen-prosperous layers from the pores and skin. This Light heating tightens and remodels existing collagen matrix and concurrently stimulates the manufacture of new collagen, resulting in an instantaneous lifting influence. A very well-defined three-dimensional pores and skin contour might be accomplished – all with little-to-no downtime! Much like its predecessor, the 4th era Thermage FLX machine also uses radiofrequency technological innovation to target collagen-rich levels from the skin. It builds on the advantages of the prior technology Thermage CPT for enhanced overall performance.

Thermage FLX attributes AccuREP technologies that mechanically tunes each pulse of Electrical power for an far more specific and consistent procedure, suited to your skin. In addition, it integrates the Comfort Pulse Know-how™ (CPT) with multidirectional vibration and interspersed cooling to supply a far more comfortable practical experience. The brand new Overall Idea  has a larger tip and might achieve a bigger area region, Consequently it will be able to quicken procedure by approximately. Briefly, Thermage FLX delivers a lot quicker, additional specific and constant treatment plans with enhanced comfort. As we age, collagen within our pores and skin breaks down, which leads to the formation of good strains, wrinkles, skin sagging and loosening. Thermage FLX™ cure utilizes radiofrequency know-how to heat the further, collagen-wealthy layers of the pores and skin. This will cause existing collagen matrix to agreement and encourages new collagen to start regenerating. Obvious tightening success is often found immediately, and can go on to improve around the following months.

How before long will I see results? How long will the final results past?

After the procedure, the final results will keep on to boost in the initial 6 months and its effects can very last as much as  months In keeping with clinical analysis research. The outcomes are subjected to specific skin ailment, age, genetics, Life style and eating plan. Is definitely the procedure agonizing? The cure is comparatively at ease. Patients may possibly experience a short heating feeling when the procedure machine’s tip touches the pores and skin, followed by a cooling sensation to minimize any distress. Does the treatment method have any downtime? Some patients knowledge slight redness or small swelling once the treatment which generally subsides in hours. Thermage FLX is really a non-invasive treatment method with no downtime – clients can ordinarily may get back again for their ordinary every day plan instantly after therapy. All those seeking a non-surgical option for prolonged-Long lasting pores and skin tightening. Combating the indications of ageing, loose or sagging pores and skin within the experience, tummy or thighs. Instantly lifting and contouring the skin for a far more youthful search. Greatest suited to ages  but we inspire you to definitely request a session

with our physician to learn if it is the ideal process for yourself. At VIDASKIN Health care Aesthetic Clinic, we are a Qualified Thermage lover. Staying among the list of prime end users of Thermage CPT in addition to a business believer in the outcomes introduced about by Thermage treatment options, we are actually among the 1st clinics in Singapore to introduce the new Thermage FLX Cure. Thermage FLX is a skin tightening engineering, with each pulse on the machine delivering customised radiofrequency to every inch of the cure place, followed by a double cryogen cooling outcome. With a larger remedy idea that generates additional warmth and Electricity, Thermage FLX is a quicker treatment, enabling better client comfort and ease. This consequently signifies we are able to take care of extra deeply within the pores and skin for remarkable effects.


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Assessors and Internal Quality Assurers Introduction These Assessment Principles have been produced by the First Aid Awarding Organisation Forum (FAAOF)  https://www.techsgreat.com in cooperation with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Qualification Regulators. These principles must be applied in addition to the generic criteria and regulations…

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Carry out other related internal quality Introduction These Assessment Principles have been produced by the First Aid Awarding Organisation Forum (FAAOF)  https://www.cosect.net in cooperation with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Qualification Regulators. These principles must be applied in addition to the generic criteria and…

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